Hello World!

You weren't put on this earth to be ordinary.

I'm Amy : Dreamer, photographer, writer, blogger, artist, college student, and a friend:) I love people. I love biology. I love being productive and finding ways to be creative. I have fallen in love with spray painting. When I grow up I want to be an actress. I try to be hipster, but I fail miserably at it. My family is weird. I'm the tallest in my family and I swear I was adopted. I'm constantly thinking of the future and random ideas for things. I'm a people-pleaser (it's a bad thing). I think people who are negative should all be banished to a world where they can live together in unhappiness, misery, and treachery. I get over things very quickly. I am kinda -ish- a nerd. I have a really big heart..a really..really big heart. I'm a very sensitive person but I try to hide it. I am very forgetful, it's ridiculous. I love and trust more than I should, but it's who I am. I pretty much want to spend the rest of my life exploring places, people, and art. C a r p e D i e m. Get to know me :P Free Hit Counter
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